We are investing in Laos for the first ever international project which is a 7 hectares development involving Thakhek Ehsan International Financial Centre (TEIFC) in Thakhek Specific Economic Zone (TSEZ) sited in the province of Khammouane. My wish is to convert this new heritage district into a modern and upcoming intellectual township, which has an international financial centre with community development, the first theme park, the first Lao cable car, golf resorts, 4 and 5 star hotels and an iconic tower of a 60 storey-building; supported by residential development and green high tech infrastructures and utilities.

Basically the development is our Malaysian brain child, a dream, which will inculcate into Laos to contribute to the economic growth of the country by introducing tourism related activities, and also socio economic development. Therefore, we have formed a very good and a strong team of specialists comprising more than 10 design and engineering consulting firms from Malaysia which are no less skilled than other international consultants.

We anticipate this project will be one of the world renowned project around as it involves collaboration of contractors from five countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Myanmar) combining their resources to develop this project into becoming one of the iconic wonders in Asean. It is going to be a fast track construction exercise in a period of 3 years. By introducing the latest ‘state of the art’ construction technologies, we know that we can deliver as we have already secured all the necessary funding. We have started the ground clearance and the first kick start of the construction will be in April or May 2015. We really appreciate the strong support from the local and central government of Laos, TSEZ and finally the people of Lao; and hope that this Dream World City of Thakhek will soon be materialised as a pride of Lao PDR and ASEAN.

‘Dream To Aspire, Together Comes Reality’